Double Take

Edmonds College Art Gallery
Lynnwood, WA
October 1 - December 9, 2022

This new body of work debuted elements of sound, performance, and time-based media in addition to their photographic process.  This sight-responsive multimedia installation explores the confluence between intentional play and mindful observation.
The opportunity for recreating an earlier chapter in my life became a realization as the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic in 2020. Sheltering in place was reminiscent of the time when I willingly lived in a dilapidated storefront. I had rented two rooms in an ad hoc space where artists could live and work. One room served as my bedroom and the other space was my office, darkroom and playground. Spending between 75% to 100% of my day in a 3500 sq. ft. warehouse-like atmosphere was invigorating on many levels. Within that five year period, my photography and graphic design work was stretched in unimaginable ways which laid the foundation for my career in the arts and culture industry. 
From the onset of the global health crisis, the 100 sq. ft. foyer-like space between the living room and the backyard became my studio. I’ve been dallying with unfamiliar means of artistic expression for over 2.5 years. My free time was spent writing short stories and screenplays, diving into non-fungible tokens (NFT), and exploring audio production. This exhibit is a reflection of the time spent in a single location while managing a family life, a full-time teaching schedule, and the short periods of solace for me to make something for myself. 

Double Take is a sight-responsive time based multimedia installation exploring the confluence between intentional play and mindful observation while examining gender representation and challenging the expectations placed upon the Asian-Americans Pacific Islander community.
Pictured is the site specific installation, Three Meals of Chaos.